Tranquebar…the exotic name is an apt driveway to what lies beyond the baroque Town Gate. Placed as a dreamy patch at the confluence of a distributary of the river Cauvery and the Bay of Bengal, since the 1600s, this small town has been the drawing board of numerous trysts that have lent Tranquebar a steep culture and heritage. An exquisite playpen of Danish aspirations in India, Tranquebar, in its modest alleyways that throw their bosom open to the sea, preserves a rustic mood splashed against a captivating backdrop. Crisp mornings...the ever tranquilizing sea…perceptions related to the British rule, the Danish settlement, the German cultural link and nearby former French colonies of Karaikal and Pondicherry, greet you in this heritage space which in its heyday could have easily passed off as a fragment on the European coast.

Tarangambadi, as the place is known in native Tamil, literally meaning, “The land of the singing waves”, is a perpetual paradox. It embalms in its fold but in its charm, it is relentless. A place where expression assumes a unique cast as the sea-breeze in your nape relaxes you, the gamboling surfs entertain you and the town serenely hums a maverick note that it has picked up from the myriad of minstrels who have strolled on its windy beaches.

….absorb the legacy and take it back with you as a memorabilia from the town that time has forgotten to touch.