On 16th July 2010, TCRC held a rangoli competition for local women.  Kolams, or rangolis, are geometric designs, drawn on the ground at day-break: this popular art depicts welcoming the gods into the house and decorates the street by offering pedestrians an infinity of variations based on simple geometric designs. 

The 25 participants gathered at 4 o’clock on Post Office Street.  Beforehand, the street was swept and watered.  Using only their hands and coloured powder, the ladies proceeded to produce their fabulous, colourful works of art within an hour.

A panel of local judges were selected to award three prizes for the finest rangolis. The prize giving ceremony took place in the backyard of TCRC.  First ward member, S.T. Santhiran gave a welcome speech and presented the prizes to the winners. All the participants received a small gift.  Refreshments were served and everybody enjoyed the proceedings immensely.