As part of the development work, women are trained to become self-reliant by encouraging their participation in income generation activities, and by building their capacity to start micro-enterprises. Workshops and training programmes for various enterprising opportunities is the first great empowerment given to the women of Tranquebar. Some of the activities they are trained in are on making pickle, wire bags, soaps and candles. Tailoiring trainings are also organised in the villages around Tranquebar.

The women are encouraged to save money and are issued micro-loans for establishing income-generating units. They are given opportunities to become owners, shareholders, investors and entrepreneurs. For this MFI, Micro-Finance Institution training is given to SHG (Self-Help Group) members. SJDT has successfully established a micro finance institution - Mani Leasing Private limited with the help of Apt Source Co-operative Private Ltd., Chennai.

Women are encouraged to get involved in local issues, like filing petitions for building steps next to a pond for washing purposes, and construction of cemented roads, banning sale of illegal alcohol and cleanliness drives. They are trained in masonry and have helped restore many houses on Goldsmith Street. 

Craft revival efforts also benefit women. The fusion of contemporary creativity with inherent abilities aims to create a pool of craftsmanship that will look beyond local market.

Coastal plantation programme of 4 acres to the north and 10 acres to the south of Tranquebar, involving various suitable salinity tolerant species aims at women-empowerment. Women are actively involved in planting, watering and caring for these seedlings. 

Today, in the local society and within the four walls of their homes, the women of Tranquebar feel respected because of their ability to generate an income due to their skill and tasteful artistic creations. The sense of fulfilment and self-worth has helped empower the women.